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Rock and Roll Bingo Digital brings pubs and bars a new generation of bingo, played entirely from a smartphone. Challenging players to identify songs and beat their friends to win prizes, Rock and Roll Bingo Digital provides endless entertainment and will leave your customers wanting to play again and again!

How it works

• Simple to operate

• A range of themes and genres

• No need for a host

• Readymade promo materials

• Great fun for your customers

Seamlessly integrated within your Startle account, the game requires no presenter or DJ and runs effortlessly from start to finish. Simply select Rock and Roll Bingo from your main menu and choose to ‘Schedule for future’ or start a game instantly with ‘Quick Launch’. With integrated music and audio messages to guide the game, Rock and Roll Bingo Digital practically runs itself.

The UK’s number one music quiz has gone digital! 

Bring a new generation of bingo to your venue

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Select, Schedule, Enjoy!

If you’re already a Startle customer, we’ll simply add Rock and Roll Bingo to your subscription so you can introduce the game to your venue straight away. If not, our Relentless Support team will ship your Startle Player - our multifunctional hardware - as soon as your order is placed, so you’ll be up and running in no time. You’ll also have access to a range of materials including posters, digital signage and social media assets, helping you to promote your games and ensure every bingo night is a huge success!

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